mind the fact online festival 2020

16-20 of December @21:00


Wednesday 16 December

Αmusementorium 2 

A video of shadow play, an atavistic animation featuring figures from our shared present, past and future that are demanding more space. A small repeating clip, like an ice cream cone consumed right before entering the summer theater!

eLecture [ΗΛΕΚΤΣΟΥΡ] 

Is the mouth solely responsible for communicating and connecting the body with the world? A digital lecture from the mouth of an absent body. A trivia quiz aimed at the unknown.

I am Here

This digital, audiovisual, first-person experience in 3D conveys the anxiety and despair of people living in isolation, as well as their longing for contact and coexistence.


An XL music playlist that expands our musical horizons in search of more space. The radio producer of Thursday Night Live (amagi.gr radio), Paris Mexis, curates this collection exclusively for mind the fact.


Thursday  17 December

Constellations in  Exile 

A phone call: “Hello, what’s going on?” A short film inspired by the communication with the salespeople of Shedia street magazine and by the search for a new space dedicated to companionship and coming together.

Zackie Bot

A work of internet art that takes a critical approach towards the issue of fake news reproduction and the growing tendency of technological applications reinforcing gender stereotypes.

Buffalo Fire Woman

At once a participatory photography experiment and an original postal exhibition, which invites the audience to converse with 7 Indigenous women from the New Mexico desert through a game of words and visuals.


Friday 18 December

In The Space Of Her Mind

A collective record. A group of people observe and capture invisible heroes of everyday life, unfolding a space of associations and unanswered questions. Can we listen to their thoughts for a moment?

Researching the Suppliants 

The creative adventure of a theatre company faced with the adversities of the times. A recording of the rehearsal process in preparation for a production of The Suppliants by Aeschylus. Theatre, music and movement join forces through video conferencing platforms to create a performance with an unknown premiere date. From the Musical Arts on STAGE Young Performers group.

My Notebook  

An experiential workshop, with the participation of young girls from different countries currently living in Greece, with the objective of cultivating attention, active listening and creative viewing, using a notebook as the only means of recording the sessions. The girls will present the contents of the workshop in the form of an art exhibition and will talk to us about their experience on camera.


Saturday 19 December

Shopping Basket

Marius is alone in his room with a bed, a desk and a computer. He shops frantically. A video that satirizes and lampoons our ever-evolving relationship with the space that we live in and with the objects that we surround ourselves with.

The Great Journey

An audiovisual VR experience. A vehicle capable of taking us through space and time reveals the greatness of a world beyond the boundaries of planet earth.


Sunday 20 December


Live Streaming @21:00 Brief encounters between immigrants and refugees from three different continents that wouldn’t be able to meet otherwise. Spatial and linguistic barriers are overcome in a live streaming performance that uses video conferencing systems as artistic platforms.

Allothroe Europe: The Voice of a City / Polyphony

An interactive tour of a virtual city. This work includes texts based on stories and testimonies of European citizens. At the same time, texts posted by viewers on social media appear within this virtual environment, creating a collective and multi-faceted narrative.

Allothroe Europe: Echo for Democracy 

A sound gallery, made up of new musical works. Starting with the artistic research on the rise of fascism in Greece and Germany, as well as the recent conviction of Golden Dawn, artists from both countries use original musical works to join their voices in opposition to nationalism and in support of non-negotiable democratic coexistence in Europe.

Allothroe Europe: Solidarity / Αλληλεγγύη 

A video installation and a booklet, in the form of a single unified internet project. Citizens and members of various communities from Greece and Germany talk about the many different faces of “Solidarity”, a notion which seems more imperative than ever in our time. The project, presented at the Ruhrtriennale Festival in Germany in 2019, has been reconstructed in order to reach an even wider audience via the internet.




mind the fact online festival 2020

Project Coordination & Artistic Curation: Ioanna Valsamidou, Yolanda Markopoulou
Communications Advisor: Paris Mexis
Production Management: Vicky Strataki
Production: POLYPLANITY Productions
Allothroe Europe Production: Electropera.tors

mind the fact online festival 2020 has the financial support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports.