I am Here

This digital, audiovisual, first-person experience in 3D conveys the anxiety and despair of people living in isolation, as well as their longing for contact and coexistence.

Through a 3D first-person digital audiovisual experience, viewers find themselves trapped in this sphere of loneliness. The figures of other people in the same situation become visible within the illusory proximity of this modern environment. They are all holding out their hands in a futile attempt to get out there and touch their fellow man, have contact with one another, communicate in a meaningful way.

Distance and obstacles, sometimes physical, sometimes mental. Today’s deceptive approach of global connectivity and social networking renders the absence of a physical human presence even more noticeable and further isolates these marginalized people. In the age of the pandemic and the restrictions placed on public life, the problem becomes even more acute. “I am here” is a desperate, agonizing cry for reconnection with humanity, a cry for help.


Enter Project


Created by: Dimitris Trakas

Voice Actors:
Nikolas Hanakoulas
Onni Johnson
Poppy Panopoulou
Alice Suret-Canale